A Japanese-style cat show

Kingdom of Cats participated in two cat shows on Sunday, although in one of them only as a visitor. The locations of both, in a straight line, are more than 8,500 km apart.

In Tokyo ⛩???? there was a combined CFA and TICA show, with the best breeders of these federations competing. It was a great event, with incredible momentum and thousands of visitors ????????????

The TICA and CFA events took place in one hall, but were separated from each other. In addition to the cats, there was an exhibition of beautiful photographs and amazing pet items to buy.

We mainly stayed at the CFA show, where judging with different judges was much more frequent than it is here in Poland.

We met wonderful breeders, amazing animal handlers and met the lovely people from the Osaka show again. Special thanks to Junko Mise for her time, patience and good heart, and to Svetlana for her kindness ????