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Hi, you will find here the catteries and cats from our Kingdom KINGDOM OF CATS. Remember that they are truly noble beings and whether they are purebred or domestic – treat them all with the proper respect. You will easily find the breeds you are interested in, the breeders of these breeds and the contact to the breeders. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Category 1

This is a category where you will find the popular Ragdoll cats, but also the majestic Turkish Vans

Category 2

This is where you will find the famous Maine Coons and Norwegian Foresters. Not many people know that this category also includes the unusual American Curl, whose signature characteristic is that their ears curl back !

Category 3

Here you will get information on, for instance, the Singapore cat, which is one of the smallest breeds recognised in the world, as well as the Bengal cat, reminiscent of a small version of the panther

Category 4

In this section you will find out why the Russian Blue Cat, belongs in the same category as the Canadian Sphynx, even though these differ so strongly from each other. You will also learn more about breeds such as the Thai Cat, Peterbald or Devon Rex.