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How to start?

  1. Why to join us?
  2. Felinological organisation’s structure
  3. Starter pack
  4. Membership declaration
  5. Submission of personal data to the FPL
  6. Join us!
  7. Cattery name

Why to join us?

We are an online club – most things, you will manage with us without leaving home. We have a range of discounts and breeding programmes for our club members. We are flexible and our team is young and has a fresh perspective on many issues related to cat breeding. We don’t divide people – we bring them together. We look to beginner breeders to find the right mentor. We help breeders find the right male cats for their females. We are there for you – always willing and ready to help. You have a problem ? – Write or call us and we will do our best to give you the right support. We are happy to share our experience and if possible – we will take care of you at your first show.

Felinological organization’s structure

In Poland, the felinological (or ‘cat’ in the most general terms) structure is hierarchically structured. The Federation Internationale Feline, or FIFe for short, is such a central organisation. It is a worldwide organisation bringing together national organisations. Poland’s member is the Polish Felinological Federation Felis Polonia (FPL for short). As a matter of fact, FPL is an “association of associations”, i.e. breeders are not members of FPL. FPL members are associations – such as Kingdom of Cats. Here it is worth making it very clear – Kingdom of Cats does not print breeding documents such as pedigrees. This is authorised only by FPL, to which you cannot belong directly. Kingdom of Cats is a professional intermediary.

Starter pack

We don’t like bureaucracy, but without certain documents, you won’t move forward. We want to make your journey into our kingdom as simple as possible for you – we’ve put together a package of essential forms in one bundled document. You download one file and you have everything you need in it for NOW.

Membership declaration

The declaration is the application document for Kingdom of Cats, on the basis of which you become our member.

Submission of personal data to the FPL

If you are not a member of the FPL, with this data submission you authorise the Federation to process your data and help conduct statistical operations (e.g. concerning your affiliation in the FPL area).

Cattery name application

The name of your cattery – it is worth registering it, even if you do not plan to breed cats for the time being. Below you will find practical tips for this procedure.

How to join us?

It’s easy! Follow the next three steps and voila!


Download the STARTER PACK and complete the forms it contains. On our website you will find instructions and guidance to help you through the process painlessly.


If you are joining to start a cattery, pay 240 PLN for the cattery name and 15 PLN for its shipping to you on account no. PL65 1140 2004 0000 3402 8377 4825, in the title write: your name + “cattery name“. We have waived the entry fee and contribution in the year of joining 😉

If you’re not starting a cattery – just prescribing – that’s right, you don’t have to pay anything!


Send filled in documents to the following address: Stanisława Wyspiańskiego Street 28/9, 80-434 Gdańsk.

To speed up the procedure, send a scan of the documents to:, but remember to send us the originals.


Now you just have to wait for the decision of the Management or CEO. You will be informed of the decision immediately by e-mail, at the address given in your declaration.

Cattery name

Cattery name is literally the name of your cattery – it is worth registering it, even if you do not plan to breed cats for the time being. The fee for registering a cattery name is a one-off and the availability of free names is decreasing every day.

A cattery name is simply the name of the cattery where cats of any breed are born. You could say that it is your ‘brand’ or ‘name’ which, along with your name, will be carried by every kitten born in your cattery. For this reason, it is worth taking the time to think up and choose a suitable name. In order to get started at all, it is important to familiarise yourself with the formal conditions that your name should meet.

The cattery name is written in the two ways shown:



What conditions should a cattery name meet?

  • the name itself cannot be longer than 15 characters, and the name including the spaces between the words * and PL cannot exceed 25 characters, so the shorter the nickname, the better, because: you have more freedom in choosing cats’ names, the domain will be shorter, and the embroidery on the layette will cost you less 😉
  • it is advisable to declare a Polish-sounding name if you want to run your cattery in Poland,
  • suggestions for 6 names for the cattery name must be given, considering the likelihood of the existence of the given names in the database.


(On the pages under the links above, type in the proposed name and search for it)

So much for the formal requirements of the FPL, but we are still paying attention to additional issues:

  • The nickname should be easy to pronounce – both by Polish and foreign cat lovers,
  • Living in the “global village”, you never know whether the area of your cattery’s activity, the interest in your cats, will reach beyond the borders of Poland. Then it may turn out that you have a strongly Polish cattery name, which may limit your international reach and positioning
  • A long or uninternational name will also translate into your media – imagine setting up a website domain or social media profile for a cattery with the example name: “KOT BRZMI W TRZCINIE”. It’s doable, it can be done, and we’re not saying it’s a bad thing – you can have a marketing strategy to go with it – but think about it in advance – what does the name entail, what makes it easier for you and what makes it more difficult. Because you are unlikely to change it afterwards.
  • JIf you have already chosen a name – try searching for it on the internet and see what comes up. Because if you have an idea for, say, “HOT KITTENS” – then probably no one has such a cattery name yet, but someone may already be using such a phrase on the Internet and it may be hard for you to break through… If u know what we mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How to come up with a suitable cattery name?

Brain storm – At this point, there are no bad ideas. Write down anything that comes to your mind, mix names with each other, combine, subtract letters, try out combinations from your name. You can make a fun game out of it – invite friends over for something good to eat and then think of a name together. Two heads are better than one 🙂

Some nicknames are a conglomeration of the first letters of the first names of family members, others are abstract names or terms that particular people associate with the breed they are breeding. You can look absolutely everywhere for inspiration – in language dictionaries of various kinds, in books, in films. You can also use artificial intelligence and name generators – maybe something will sound good and you will say: I have this!

FORMELLOT – is the name of a Norwegian Forest Cat cattery, which means ‘flower of the north’. It was inspired by the artificial language that J. R. R. Tolkien created – the Quenya language, also known as Old Speech.

formen (north) + lótë (flower) = formellot

The second proposal was the name HENDELEN (starry-eyed) – inspired by the same language: hend (eye) + elen (star) = HENDELEN. This name was also included in the application for the registration of the cattery name, but as the first free name is registered, the cattery was given the name Formellot*PL.

Give yourself time, sleep on the idea and, using the method of elimination, cross out the weakest entries. If you particularly like a certain name, check its availability in FIFE and WCF databases to see if anyone has already registered a similar or the same name.

Try out the cattery name in different ways, juxtapose it with any names and consider whether it definitely sounds good. If it does – include it in your application to register a cattery name. Remember to put the names in order from the one you prefer most to the one you prefer least….