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Welcome to our Kingdom

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our Kingdom. If you are here for the first time, make yourself comfortable and feel at home. If you are here for the second time, welcome back! 🙂

We are a felinological club, or in the most common words a “cat club” dedicated to cats, with an emphasis on pedigree cats. We welcome you to join our membership, so if you are looking for a club that is open, caring for the highest quality of breeding, helpful and supportive – please read the information you will find on our website. If you have any questions, we are here to help, advise and support you. Many of you may know us, we have had more than one experience in the cat world, and on this site you can get to know us better.

Our club operates under the auspices of FPL, which is a member of FIFe.

FPL, Felis Polonia
FIFe, Federation Internationale Feline

The aims of our club are:

  • supporting, promoting and disseminating knowledge about pedigree cat breeding,
  • promotion of pedigree cat breeding based on breed standards,
  • achieving the highest level in terms of race and aesthetics,
  • developing, disseminating awareness of animal rights,
  • carrying out educational activities in this area and raising awareness among children and young people about pedigree cats,
  • raising public awareness and promoting the ecology and protection of animals and nature,
  • supporting and coordinating the activities of its members and nurturing the relations of its members,
  • ensuring that breeding ethics are respected on the basis of established regulations,

And there … what can we say, just everything related to cats and their keepers 🙂

Our Association operates within the scope of the Animal Welfare Law, the rules and regulations of FIFe, FPL and its own. It does not, however, have the competence to influence individual transactions or to settle disputes between the sides (breeder-breeder, breeder-purchaser); decisions on these issues are up to the contracting parties.

Our Association is responsible for managing general organisational, administrative and regulatory matters. Examples of matters within the competence of the association are, for example, the release of kittens before the currently required age or the release of unchipped kittens.

Our Association may use the following disciplinary penalties:

  • warning,
  • suspension of membership,
  • termination of membership.

However, our Association does not have the capacity to settle or enforce financial claims between the parties to a dispute. In the case of disputes or problems between breeders or breeders and cat buyers, it is recommended that the parties attempt to resolve them through mediation, negotiation talks or competent institutions such as the Court.

In some cases, specific provisions in the cat purchase/sale contract allow for a quick resolution of a possible dispute. For more complex problems, it is advisable to obtain professional legal advice.

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