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We are a team! We are a team of people who met at a cat shows and decided to do something together. Kingdom of Cats is our common “kid” and we run the club as we believe it should be run. Above all, we focus on smooth contact. Call us and write to us about anything! Impossible things are dealt with immediately, and for miracles we need a few days 😉

And although we are “authorities”, we don’t need prestige, don’t call us CEOs XD. We try to pass quickly on “you” if you feel like it, and we exchange contacts in the social media. However, the fact that we know each other, like each other and support each other does not and will not exempt anyone from following the rules and regulations.

We are flexible, bring in freshness and connect people. We help young breeders find the right mentor, and sometimes we arrange cooperation between breeders.



CEOPaweł Hać731 707 303
Kingdom of Cats, Koci Klub, Koty Rasowe Invite me on FB 😉
Vice-president for marketingNatalia
Vice-president for organisational mattersLeszek Patelczyk601 602 162
Vice-president for financial affairsJoanna Kowalczyk603 183 187
Board SecretaryIzabela Dzierż

Paweł Hać

He has been breeding Somali cats since 2014. From June to December 2019, secretary of the board of Cat Club Amber, and from June 2020 to May 2023, secretary of the board of the Gdansk Lions Felinological Club.

A titan of work who takes calls from breeders at all hours of the day and night. Probably everyone has already talked to him 😉

He does not recognise half measures – so it is no wonder that events of which he was the driving force turned out to be organised with extraordinary attention to detail.

Natalia Grzybowska

From June 2020 to May 2023, member of the revision committee of the Gdańsk Lions Felinological Club. She was responsible for the marketing campaigns of the association’s extra-pandemic shows, which proved to be a huge attendance success. She brings the quality she presented earlier with her to the Kingdom of Cats. She is happy to advise companies selling pet range and breeders on their social media image.

She also occasionally appears at shows as a steward.

Leszek Patelczyk

Together with his wife Iwona, he breeds British and Maine coon cats. Their passion is breeding cats with a wonderful, sweet temperament and conforming to the breed standard.

From March 2019 to September 2022, a member of the board of Cat Club Pomerania. He wants to use the experience he has gained as an organiser of shows and exhibitions for Kingdom of Cats. He is fully focused on the needs of the club members.

Joanna Badziąg-Kowalczyk

Joanna is a volcano of energy. She is not afraid of any job!

Russian Blue cats are her love, which she and her daughter have decided to bestow on other people in love with this breed. She does not compromise when it comes to animal health. Early socialisation of her kittens is the apple of her eye, which influences the whole life of our cats.

Izabela Dzierżawska

Although until recently she didn’t think that cats would enter her life, with the help of one cat show (at the Gdansk Fencing School), of which she was the manager, she soaked up the environment of breeders and will hopefully stay there for a long time. She has a natural flair for organising events and managing people.

Revision committee

President Mariola Gracek504 249 619
Vice-presidentAnna Ziarkowska607 086 016‬

Revision committee email address:

Breeding committee

PresidentKatarzyna Halej
Commitee memberKarolina Barska
Commitee memberIwona Patelczyk

Breeding committee email address:

Club headquarters

The club works primarily online, but the Kingdom of Cats is headquartered in Gdansk:
Stanisława Wyspiańskiego 28/9 Str.;
80-434 Gdańsk, Poland

The association’s account number

Kingdom of Cats
mBank: 65114020040000340283774825


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