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Tests at VetComplex

Veterinary tests

We have established a partnership with the VetComplex veterinary laboratory, which has prepared special discounts on certain tests especially for Kingdom of Cats members.

vetcomplex laboratorium weterynaryjne, Kingdom of cats koty
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy [HCM] Breed: Ragdoll
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (1 Meurs mutation) [HCM1M] breed: Maine Coon
  • Polycystic kidney disease [PKD] high risk breeds: Persian cat (Persian), Exotic cat (Exotics), British Shorthair cat (BritishShorthair), medium risk breeds: Asian cat (Asian) including Burmilla cat (Burmilla) and Asian semi-longhair cat (Tiffany), Bombay cat (Bombay), Burmese cat (SacredBirman), CornishRex, Devon Rex, Ragdoll, Snowshoe, low-risk breeds: Maine Coon, Angora, Norwegian Forest cat (Norwegian Forest), Abyssinian cat (Abyssinian), Balinese cat (Balinese), Oriental cat (Oriental), Bengal cat (Bengalese), Burmese cat (Burmase), Egyptian Moor Cat (EgyptianMau), Korat, Ocicat, Russian Blue, Singapore Cat, Somali Cat, Siamese, Tonkinese, Turkish Van.

Regular examination price: 162 PLN, for Kingdom Of Cats members, price for a single examination: 108 PLN (gross).


It is possible to perform tests from both swabs and blood (EDTA). If the test is to be performed from blood, the doctor draws the blood and the breeder sends the blood himself (unless the clinic cooperates with VetComplex).

IMPORTANT: Sample collection should be performed and certified by a veterinarian.

If the test is to be performed from a swab, the breeder should send an email to: requesting that swabs for genetic testing be sent to the address provided.

Vet Complex also offers:

Blood group determination (serological)150 PLNblood EDTA
FCoV + FeLV + FIV (serological)200 PLNblood EDTA
FeLV + FIV (serological)140 PLNblood EDTA
FeLV (PCR)110 PLNblood EDTA
Chlamydia spp. (IC)80 PLNblood EDTA
Mycoplasma spp. (PCR)160 PLNdry swab
Haemotrophic mycoplasmas210 PLNdry swab
Bacteriological culture + antibiogram50 PLNtransport and growth medium
Toxoplasma gondii80 PLNfaeces
Giardia spp.65 PLNfaeces