Our “penguin of the year”

Have you ever heard of Kokosanka? She is the famous female penguin from Gdański Ogród Zoologiczny. This one-of-a-kind albino female was recently voted Penguin of the Year, beating out many other penguins from around the world.

But in the club, we also have our own penguin that we can’t fail to brag about! It’s Torino from the Formellot*PL cattery, who won BOB III and BOB IV at the past show in Świnoujście! ????

Part from him, other norwegians, as well as sphynxes, Russian blue cats and devon rexes from our club also presented themselves at the Cat Club Pomerania‘s show – a total of 11 wonderful pets, which received as many as 14 ex1 marks and four nominations for the BIS panel.

We cannot forget to mention about Erna Formellot*PL and Hana Bella Tigra*PL (from Kocie Love*PL cattery), who both walked away with many awards! ????

Another club representative was our breeder from Happy Blue Bear*PL cattery with her stand from the AZAN company ????

For sharing the photos, warm thanks to Formellots and Kocie Love*PL! ????