Month: February 2024

Cat show in Warsaw

Formellot*PL, JellyCat*PL and Królewski Czar*PL are the catteries that represented us this weekend at the cat show in Warsaw, organised by Elitarny Klub Kota Rasowego.

Seven cats on behalf of our club received in total 11 Ex1 grades????️

Moreover, Casanova, who is well known to you, on both Saturday and Sunday, became best cat in colour and entered the BIS panel, where he won the BIS of male cats twice.

We are the champions, my friends! ???????? A warm round of applause for you guys!

Cat show at Alfa Centrum

This weekend there is a lot going on! The cat show in Warsaw is ongoing, with our strong representation. But more about that will be written tomorrow.

It’s impossible to be bored in Gdańsk either! Our three catteries were present today in Alfa Centrum at a show organised by Cat Club Victoria, where they had a lot of fun. What is more, Deneris*PL cattery outclassed the competition, getting over 300 votes from the public.

We sincerely congratulate them on this achievement! Thank you also to Et Cetera BLUE*PL and Amoris Sentire*PL for representing us!

Cat Day!

We would like to wish all our beloved cats, both pedigree and less pedigree, domestic and free-roaming, all the best on their day! May you all always have your own warm corner, a full bowl and someone to take good care of you!

The world would be a sad place without you! ????

And to our club cats we wish you lots of show success and a lot of happiness with your offspring! ????



Afgan*PL in Slovakia!

Da Vinci and Fanaberia Afgan*PL with Monika and Piotr represented us this weekend at a cat show in Slovakia! Both cats will come back to the country already as International Champions!

On Saturday and Sunday they managed to win three Ex1 grades and Fanaberia ended up in the BIS panel yesterday. Our sincere congratulations and thanks for the worthy representation of our club!